John founded the clinic in order to help people. Since 2004 we have been working with young people and families in greater Western Sydney for nearly 16 years!

Starting out with just two small office rooms in a building on Bessemer Street, Blacktown.

Moving to our current clinic on Richmond Rd, Blacktown in 2009 and having grown from just two clinicians to a dynamic team of child psychologists, educational psychologists, neuropsychologists, and family / disability support workers we can now help more people than ever. 

Blacktown, Macarthur, Nepean 

John & his team at JBCP are committed to providing evidence-based assessment, diagnosis and treatment for the many challenges facing children, adolescents, young adults (and their families). 

JBCP Nepean (Penrith)

Andrijana Cica

 JBCP Nepean

Clinical Psychologist / Clinical Supervisor - Nepean Clinic

Favourite Game as a kid:  Twister


Favourite TV Show as a kid: ArtAttack 


Favourite Colour: Grey


Why are you a Child Psychologist?:Growing up brings along various challenges in each and every individual. I find great satisfaction in helping children and their families to uncover the difficulties that are unique to one child's development/circumstances and accordingly help them to manage, adjust and overcome. "Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work"-CS.Lewis. 

Candice Graham

JBCP Nepean

Registered/Consultant Psychologist


Favourite Game as a kid: 


Favourite TV Show as a kid: 

Favourite Colour:


Why are you a Child Psychologist?: 

Janene Healey-Meldrum

JBCP Nepean

Provisional Psychologist -  NDIS Specialist Team Co-orindator


Favourite Game as a kid: Soccer


Favourite Movie as a kid: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory


Favourite Colour: Purple


Why are you a Child Psychologist?: I initially became interested in child psychology as an advocate towards reducing the stigma of mental health for children. Early childhood experiences matter quite a lot and have lifelong consequences of health and wellbeing for their future. To make a difference in the trajectory of a child's future affects not only that child, but everyone in that child's life thereafter. There is no greater privilege than to contribute to a child's happiness.

Tode Levkovski

JBCP Nepean

Provisional Psychologist -  NDIS Specialist Team


Favourite Game as a kid: Crash Bandicoot


Favourite TV Show as a kid: Samurai Jack


Favourite Colour: Green


Why are you a Child Psychologist?: 


I have always loved working with children and families to help clients reach goals they struggled with- seeing the progress we can all make together always motivates me to continue doing the work I love



JBCP Nepean 

Provisional Psychologist / NDIS Specialist Team


Favourite Game/Pastime as a kid: Badminton / Baseball

Favourite Movie as a kid:  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Favourite Colour: I love all the colours !


Why are you a Child Psychologist?: With a passion for interpersonal relationships and a curiosity about the human experience, I was naturally drawn to the discipline of psychology. Being a provisional psychologist at John Blythe Child Psychology gives me great joy to be around children and be able to make little difference in their great journey ahead. I believe that the impact of childhood memories and experiences stays with the child lifelong and that I want to make it better in any way possible to equip children with that, one day at a time.

Caitlyn Casha

JBCP Nepean 

Provisional Psychologist / NDIS Specialist Team


Favourite Game/Pastime as a kid: Hide & Seek

Favourite TV Show/Movie as a kid: Beauty & The Beast


Favourite Colour: Yellow


Why are you a Child Psychologist?: The study of human behaviour if so intriguing and has been a lifelong passion. I decided to work with children because I believe children are the future and are capable to amazing things. By working with different kids, I hope to be helping them achieve their potential (and have fun along the way)

John Blythe

JB Profile photo.jpg

Principal Clinical Psychologist 

Director - John Blythe Child Psychology Clinics 

Director - Hornsby-Kuringai Psychology Clnic 

Adjunct Fellow - Western Sydney University

Favourite Game as a kid: Monopoly 


Favourite TV Show as a kid: Bewitched 


Favourite Colour: Orange (unless it's NRL season - then it's RED & GREEN) 


Why are you a Child Psychologist?: Because life is wonderful but also very difficult at times. Through it all, people are amazing. Sometimes we just need another person to help us see the truth, wisdom and strength that are available to us but we can't quite see yet. I love being able to help in that process, especially with kids, teens and parents, because the changes we can make early on will last for a lifetime.

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Child at Psychologist