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John Blythe Child Psychology (JBCP) is a leading child psychology practice based across 3 locations in Sydney, NSW. With a diverse team of highly qualified and experienced psychologists, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and support to children, adolescents, young adults and their families. Whether it's dealing with behavioural issues, emotional challenges, or developmental concerns, we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the children we work with. At JBCP, we are proud to be a trusted resource for families in our community. 

Treatment, Assessment & Diagnosis

JBCP offers a wide range of individual & parent treatment programs designed to address areas of difficulty that have been identified in the initial assessment/screening process.  

We have staff who focus on different treatment areas including: 

- Autism Spectrum 

- Anxiety / Depression 

- Eating Disorders 

- Dyslexia 

- Oppositional Behaviours 


- Kids in Care 

- Group Social Skills Programs (subject to availability)

- Parent Management Skills

Formal assessments are also available at our clinics. Please kindly use the below page link for further information regarding available types of assessment.

- JBCP Assessments

Please kindly contact us on (02) 9622 9610 to speak with our friendly team for pricing guides for any formal assessments.

JBCP offers a range of different pathways to facilitate access to psychological services with our team. JBCP is able to accept clients under the Medicare benefits scheme and via the National Disability Insurance Schedule (NDIS), in addition to private-paying clients, private health fund clients & third-party supported clients.

Medicare Benefits Scheme Pathway

Under the Better Access to Mental Health Scheme (BAMH), Medicare rebates are available for up to ten individual services with a psychologist per calendar year. To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, the referred individual must have an assessed mental health disorder and be referred by their GP using a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP), or be referred by their paediatrician or psychologist. 

Important Notes: 

  • A referral letter from your GP, Paediatrician, or Psychiatrist is required (not just a copy of your MHTP). The letter should include our service's name, the number of sessions assigned, and the diagnosed condition. 

  • If you are referred by your GP, your treating psychologist must provide a brief written update to them after your sixth consultation with us. A review of your MHTP and an updated referral is required to access your final four Medicare rebated services (to make the total up to ten for the calendar year).

  • At the conclusion of your tenth consultation, your JBCP psychologist will provide a brief update to your referrer. 

  • Gap fees incurred will count towards your families Medicare Safety Net.

The current Medicare rebate amounts are $93.35 when consulting a registered psychologist and $137.05 when consulting a clinical psychologist. 

You or your child may be eligible for a further rebated sessions under alternative Medicare programs, depending on specific eligibility. We kindly ask that you speak with your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist to discuss options/eligibility.

National Disability Insurance Schedule (NDIS) Pathway.

John Blythe Child Psychology is a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Agency and is thus able to accept clients whose NDIS plans are NDIA-managed, plan-managed and self or plan-nominee managed. Please contact our team to kindly discuss if your or your child's NDIS plan has been made eligible for psychology supports or please speak with your NDIS Local Area Coordinator (LAC) to kindly confirm this. 

During the initial consultation, the treating clinician will draft a NDIS service agreement for your review and approval. The agreement sets out expectations for clients using the service, exceptions for us as a provider and further details a schedule of supports to discuss the specific funding amounts to be allotted for psychological services with our team.

Private-Paying Pathway

JBCP can offer services to private-paying clients and families, that is, for clients and families who are not eligible or preferring not to claim Medicare rebates under the Medicare benefits scheme. In this case, no referral is required to access services with our team.

Private Health Fund Pathway

Clients may elect to claim psychology services through their respective private health fund or insurer. We kindly ask that you speak to our friendly team regarding this, who can provide specific receipts for you to manually claim the services. We ask that prior to commencement of services, that you please speak with your private health fund to confirm if you are covered for psychology services under your respective policy. Please kindly note, it is not possible to claim a Medicare rebate and a private health fund rebate for the same psychology session, given 'double-dipping' guidelines. Please note that for any one service, you may elect to claim from one source.

Third-Party Supported Pathway

Clients and families accessing services through the financial support of external third-party organisations, specific government agencies and non-government organisations are welcomed at our service. Quotations can be provided for external approval on request.

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