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The First Step Is Easy....

psychology appointment booking

To book an Initial appointment please call our friendly reception staff at 9622 9610

You may need to complete a few forms for us. Talking to our reception staff will make it clear what information we need before your appointment. You can E-mail us at 

Step 1. Filling Out The Forms

All forms MUST be DOWNLOADED to your computer.

It cannot be completed in a web browser tab.

Download and complete....

Services for Children

If the service is for a child please open the Parent Questionnaire and Parent Consent Form, save a copy to your device, then fill in the forms. 

Services for 18 +

If the service is for a parent or an adult of 18+ years then please have the person seeking the treatment complete a Consent Form for Individual.

Note: You may not need to fill out any forms before your first appointment. Each case is unique. Please call our friendly reception staff (02) 9622 9610. They will be happy to explain our services and help you book your first appointment

Please read the Explanation Of Service.

Step 2. Involving the Educator

Please forward the Teacher Questionnaire, or Pre-School Questionnaire to your child's teacher. (Note: You will first need to "SIGN" the consent section of this form).

In order to deliver the best treatment possible it is important that your child's educator helps to outline how your child behaves in their education environment.

Step 3. Signing the forms

Where a signature is needed you can create a digital signature and save it for reuse

or print out the form, sign & scan it onto your computer again to email it to us.

(some forms need signed in several places).

Once you have completed the files you need in order to scheduled your first appointment you can hit the "send to JBCP" Button at the bottom of the form.

Remember: The Form MUST be downloaded to your computer and not open in a web browser! 

Or you can attach the file to your email normally.

Here are some ways to create a digital signature for free on Widowns, Mac, IOS & Android.

Step 4. Updating JBCP

Finally, if you have any previous reports of other relevant documents related to the case, please send an electronic copy to with your child's name in the subject line.

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