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Medicare Rebates

Medicare rebates are available for up to ten individual and ten group services with a psychologist per calendar year. To be eligible for a Medicare rebate the referred child or adult must have an assessed mental health disorder and be referred by their GP using a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP), or be referred by their paediatrician or psychiatrist.  


Please Note:  


- We need a referral letter from your GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist (not just a copy of your MHTP) which states our services name, the number of sessions assigned, and the condition they have assessed as present. 


- If you are referred by your GP, your treating psychologist must provide a brief written update to them after your sixth consultation with us. You will need to see your GP again for a Review of your MHTP and an updated referral for your final four services (to make the total up to ten).


- Your JBCP psychologist will also provide a brief update to your referrer at the conclusion of your tenth consultation.  


- Your child may be eligible for a further ten rebated sessions each calendar year. 


The current Medicare rebate amounts are $93.35 (when consulting a registered psychologist) and $137.05 (when consulting a clinical psychologist).  


Further Information:  

Medicare Fact Sheet

Table of Medicare Rebates

Medicare Safety Net

The Medicare Safety Net increases the Medicare benefit payable once an annual threshold in eligible out-of-pocket costs for Medicare services is reached. Eligible out-of-pocket costs means the difference between the fee you are charged by your health professional (such as your psychologist) and the Medicare rebate you receive. All gap fees at JBCP apply towards your eligible out-of-pocket expenses. 


Please Note: Couples and families need to register for the Medicare Safety Net (so you can establish who is part of your family unit).


For further information see:

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a disability support system that was introduced in stages across Australia. The NDIS commenced services to clients in western Sydney in July 2016.


The NDIS provides individually funded packages of support to eligible people who experience an ongoing disability.


As the NDIS is a new initiative, information is often changing so we have provided an extensive range of links to further information (below). If you need assistance, talk to your JBCP clinician.

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