• John M Blythe

What you can DO in self-isolation!

1. Create a clear family routine. Our instinct when we are at home or on a holiday is to stop routines and get a bit unstructured. While binging Netflix and sleeping in might sound like a nice break, it is not helpful. It is important to create a daily timetable which includes family tasks, like: meal prep, laundry, cleaning, homework, reading, board games, family meetings, exercise, etc. The more you can create a structured at-home lifestyle, the more secure and predictable it will be.

2. When you think through your family routine, create a timetable, just like a school, and put it up so everyone knows the routine and what is happening each day.

3. Include fun family times: board games, card games, video games, family exercise, etc. But space these out between time for chores, homework, reading, and free time!

4. Make time to talk: Have a family meeting each day so everyone can share how they are feeling and coping. It helps a lot if you make a structured time to “check-in” and ask how each person is doing and feeling.

5. Normalise this unusual situation by making it the “new normal”. Explain lots of people are doing this and we will all get through it.

6. Focus on the bright side: This can give us the opportunity to connect more deeply as families, friends, or roommates! This can give us an opportunity to check on and care about other people. In a situation like this the human race is only as strong as it’s weakest link, let’s face this in a way that brings out our best as human beings who want to create a safer, more giving, more loving planet for everyone in the future!

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