• John Blythe

Is your child getting enough Sleep?

Recent studies confirm that sleep is the necessary flip-slide of the ability to learn! These studies show that while we sleep the brain actually prunes it's wiring, discarding connections that didn't work so well and streamlining the ones which got the job done.

After a day of learning new skills and information, a child's brain can fine-tune the connections in up to 80% of their brain during that night's sleep...

SO... getting enough good quality sleep is actually essential for restoring and fine-tuning the brain connections we use to keep learning...

Delayed, interrupted, and insufficient sleep compromises learning.

If your child is not getting 8-10+ hours of quality sleep, their learning (and often their mood and behaviour) may be compromised. Never to mention your sleep (as the parent) will often be interrupted as well.

If sleepless nights are a stress at your place - don't hesitate to make an appointment with a JBCP team member for some advice!