• John Blythe

Making Christmas Meaningful...

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... Or is it?

For many people Christmas is a stressful time!

There are financial stresses, time pressures and relationship complexities which can make "the season to be jolly" a season full of folly!

Here are my tips to Make Christmas Meaningful, Manageable and Memorable!

1. Don't overspend!

Make a realistic budget and stick to it. The joy of giving is not joyful if you end up in unmanageable credit card debt and financial stress come January! Children do not need the biggest, the best or the latest anything. They need to celebrate a sense of love and security with their family. Sticking to a few manageable gifts will help children not get overwhelmed on the day, and to keep the focus on the people around them - which is what really matters.

2. Don't Overcommit!

Sometimes we spend the day trying to fit in so many people, places and plans that the kids are tired and cranky and we are exhausted before it is over. Determine in advance where, how and with who you can realistically share the day. When you have your own children it is often best to stay home so they can enjoy and savour the experience, rather than racing off to visit too many relatives. Remember you can use Christmas Eve and Boxing Day to catch up with other family members if needed.

3. Teach the joy of giving!

What are your kids giving to make the world a better place for the coming year? Teach them to donate a toy to the less fortunate, buy a child sponsorship, adopt an abandoned pet, visit some elderly folk... there are so many ways to teach our kids to GIVE hope and joy to the world... and this is more meaningful than anything they will receive!

4. Remember the Reason for the Season!

Whether you hold any religious or spiritual beliefs at all... The origin of Christmas was a gift... an innocent child... who grew up to give many in his world faith, hope and love! Whatever family divisions there may be, whatever sad memories may be triggered, whatever losses you mourn... Christmas is about doing anything you can to share some faith, hope and love with whoever the universe brings into your circle. Embrace it... And don't be surprised if the universe throws you a few curve balls!

May you have a truly meaningful, memorable and manageable Christmas this year!

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